Govt To Standardise Parameters Used For Measuring Air Quality

Govt To Standardise Parameters Used For Measuring Air Quality

Govt To Standardise Parameters Used For Measuring Air Quality
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The Centre will soon initiate the process for standardisation of equipment, data and all other parameters required to measure the purity of air, Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan has said.

The minister was speaking at an event in New Delhi on November 29 to announce the synchronisation of the Indian Space Research Organisation's (Isro's) regional positioning system 'NAVIC' with Indian atomic clocks.

A memorandum on behalf of the 33rd Asia Pacific Metrology Programme General Assembly and Related Meetings 2017 (APMP GA 2017) was submitted to the minister on the occasion.

The memorandum called for framing of a national policy wherein "calibration and certification of instruments" can be taken up for a clean environment, an idea that was accepted by the environment minister.

Vardhan admitted that many experts had told him that the standards in use for measuring PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels of pollution etc., were far more than the actual standards.

"If it is so, there is an urgent need to set these standards because otherwise, you keep frightening your people," he said.

The environment minister said the initiation for standardising equipment, data and other parameters to judge air quality was a "very important thing" for him.

"I think for that to be done, I do not need any instructions from anyone. Our prime minister will also be happy if I start the process for standardisation of equipment related to environmental issues.”

"This process will be initiated at the earliest. We will have a meeting of experts from the Science and Technology Ministry, Environment Ministry and the Central Pollution Control Board," the minister added.

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Last Updated: Fri Dec 01 2017

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