DIY Home Decor Ideas For New Year Eve Party

DIY Home Decor Ideas For New Year Eve Party

DIY Home Decor Ideas For New Year Eve Party

Planning to ring in the New Year with a small get-together with your friends or family at home? Do it like a pro and decorate your home with some innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas. MakaaniQ handpicks the best ideas for you to create a party-like atmosphere at home:

Create a balloon wall


Use a bunch of colourful balloons to put up on the wall using tape. This would serve as a perfect backdrop for the party. Enhance the look by hanging some more helium-filled balloons onto the ceiling.

Display the numbers


Use cardboard to carve out the digits for the coming year (2, 0, 2 and 2). Wrap them up with tinsel and glitter. You could hang this sign at the front door or make it stand onto one of the tables where you plan to place the cake. 

Design your party supplies


Create party blowouts and noise maker with leftover wrapping papers, curling ribbons, glitter, tape and confetti. Go for pretty party hats by using plastic cups, some twine and silver or tinsel. Decorate the glassware using the remaining glitter.

Create a centre of attraction


Usually, it is the dining room table where everyone gathers around for the ultimate celebration and fun. Make sure you deck up this area with well-organised cutlery, well-garnished food and some wine or champagne bottles. Add an attractive cake stand, countdown clocks, candles with metallic glitter and balloons. 

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Last Updated: Fri Dec 31 2021

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