Unable To Decide Which Floor To Buy A House On? Here’s A Quick Guide

Unable To Decide Which Floor To Buy A House On? Here’s A Quick Guide

Unable To Decide Which Floor To Buy A House On? Here’s A Quick Guide

Vertical construction has become the norm these days with independent houses becoming a rarity. Of the many factors, which homebuyers consider while apartment-hunting, is the right floor to live on in a highrise building. While every floor has its own set of pluses and downsides, exploring which bring homebuyers at crossroads. While some are awestruck by the idea of city views from the top floor, others prefer lower floors for ease of accessibility. For those who are still confused about making a suitable choice, should have a look at the below-mentioned tips.

MakaaniQ lists the factors to be regarded during the selection of the right apartment floor in a highrise:

Access and evacuation: Top floors are not meant for the less patient. Waiting for an elevator to arrive can seem like ages when you are rushing to work. If this concerns you, opt for the lower floors where you can even comfortably climb or descend the stairs. Besides, rushing downstairs in an emergency like an earthquake can be a herculean task for some, especially senior citizens or differently-abled individuals. Thus, avoid top floors if you have them in your family.

Views: Renters and owners occupying the higher floors in a building are sheer lucky when it comes to enjoying the breathtaking city-skyline views. If this is a priority for you, select a top floor provided you are ready to shell out more money. For instance, apartments in Mumbai offering sea views have premium pricing.

Acrophobia: Acrophobia or Vertigo is the fear of heights. If you feel dizzy when looking down from a tall building or terrace, it is safe to choose low floor unit.

Privacy: Distraction caused by traffic and street noise can be a real problem for many house owners. Ground floors top the list of least preferred floors when privacy and silence is a necessity. Their entrances are usually exposed to hustle-bustle of people entering the building and call for soundproofing measures. Living in the higher floors is then recommended.

Security: If your building is not inside a gated-community, then residing on the ground floor can be risky. The possibility of intrusion of anti-social elements in the sub-level apartments increases and you will need to invest more in additional security measures. If you are ready for this, go for a ground floor.

Heat and ventilation: Lower floor units face a lack of sunlight which can be deceptive in terms of cheaper electricity bills in summers but higher heating costs during winters. Also, power consumption increases as you go higher in case when drawing water using motor pumps or running air conditioners (ACs) during summers.

Money: If cost is a vital consideration, then lower floor units command better rental returns. Thus, those investing in properties to rent out are likely to benefit. Top floors situated in a coveted scenic location are often priced high. Make a sound decision keeping your budget in mind. Lower floors are inexpensive compared to the upper floors. However, it is the opposite in some cites like Delhi and Mumbai where lower floors are sought after. So, make an informed decision.

Pest-menace: Ground floors are a preferred hub for rodents and stray animals. But when it comes to your own pet, it is easier to move them out of the house rather than forcibly shuttling them up and down the staircase. An upper floor is advantageous as there will be minimum mosquito or pest intrusion.

Structural defects: The top and the ground floor of a building are more prone to water seepage, dampness or drainage problems than the middle floors.

It must be noted that the middle floor units (those between three to six) offer the right mix of upper and ground floor apartment living. Therefore, they are in high demand nowadays. Yet the decision must be made after weighing the factors mentioned above for a pleasurable living experience.

Last Updated: Thu Mar 15 2018

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