Studio Apartments: An Emerging Concept In India

Studio Apartments: An Emerging Concept In India

Studio Apartments:  An Emerging Concept In India
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 There has been a spurt in demand for affordable living spaces, especially in the metros, and this has led to the popularisation of the studio apartments' concept. Although this minimal living style has been popular in the West, it's fast catching up in India. 

What is a studio apartment? Many don't have any idea or are confused between a studio apartment and a 1BHK apartment. The basic difference between the two is that a 1BHK apartment has a separate bedroom, a living room and a kitchen with separate bathroom, but a studio apartment is one single room with an open kitchenette and a separate bathroom. A studio apartment is also known as “efficiency apartment” or “bachelor apartment”. In the matter of size and space, the studio apartment can be more spacious than a 1BHK apartment.  


If one goes by the price one would have to shell extra money for a single-bedroom apartment. The idea of studio apartment has started to gain prominence in cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc. But the concept has also gained popularity in tier-2 cities as well, due to rise in the number of bachelors moving to these cities. It has become popular among the bachelors because it is more affordable as compared to the spacious high-end apartments. Many reputed real estate developers started constructing studio apartments to cater to the demands of the IT professionals and manufacturing sector employees. Also in the tier-2 cities, the increase in the number of the IT and BPO employees has led to a rise in the demand of the studio apartments.

In the present times, the studio apartment is not restricted to the small 400 sq ft to 700 sq ft. area. Nowadays, the singles are looking for luxury studio apartments which are more spacious. The size of luxury studio apartments ranges from 1,200sq ft. to 1,600 sq ft. and is favoured among the newlywed couples, who want to set up their home or the bachelors who are ready to pay for their luxury abode.

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Last Updated: Fri Aug 19 2016

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