Buying A Main Road Property? Know This

Buying A Main Road Property? Know This

Buying A Main Road Property? Know This

It has been widely observed that people prefer investing in a property located at or close to the main road, but there are some who choose otherwise. While for some a property away from the main road means limited access to some of the important infrastructure, for some this property can be a cause of excessive noise and air pollution.

MakaaniQ lists advantages and disadvantages of the main road home which might help you in making a better decision:


  • Easy to access: A main-road home is easily accessible. One can find civic infrastructure including convenience stores, schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, among other closeby. Such homes are a preference for those who are comfortable living amid city's hustle bustle.
  • Access to public transport: Metro, buses, cabs and other public transport options are easily available on the main street.
  • Better security: Since main streets are well-lit and there is always some crowd round the clock, walking down to nearby shops and markets is safe and there are fewer chances of a security breach. In fact, frequent patrolling by police personal further boost the safety in such areas.
  • Well-maintained: The main streets are well maintained when compared to the bylanes, thus, reducing the risk of a potholed or water-logged road. Street lights, cleanliness and waste management, the main road house would have maintained facilities at service.
  • Discounted property: Not preferred by many, you can find main road properties at a discounted price. Negotiations are open for up to 10 per cent of the asking value, depending upon the area. 

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  • Noise pollution: Having a home on the main street? Be prepared to deal with traffic noise. Though sound-proof doors and window panes might help the cause, insulation won't be of any use if you stay on a busy street.
  • Lack of privacy: Living on the main road makes your home vulnerable to the view of passerby. One could easily look through your windows, especially after dark. However, this factor rules out if you are not staying on ground floor.
  • Too much of dust: A busy street means your home will be prone to accumulation of dust. Automobile exhaust and different kind of pollution can impact your health. If you are allergic to dust and pollution, think twice before investing.
  • Parking: Parking remains a concern when it comes to residential houses. Especially if you have more than one vehicle finding a parking space can be a concern. Even for visitors, car parking would remain an issue unless your housing complex has the facility.
  • Lesser resale value: While a buyer would enjoy a discounted price, it is the seller who will get a lesser resale value.

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Last Updated: Wed Sep 20 2017

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