Broker’s Corner: Internet-Age Buyers Want Tech-Savvy Agents, Says Survey

Broker’s Corner: Internet-Age Buyers Want Tech-Savvy Agents, Says Survey

Broker’s Corner: Internet-Age Buyers Want Tech-Savvy Agents, Says Survey

What are homebuyers looking for? They might be wanting to arrive at the right home but while they are at it, they might want their real estate brokers to be more tech savvy, says an online survey by a portal. A large number of participants were based out of the United States but with home buying, all prospective owners, despite the geography are looking for the same standards in the market.

The survey was answered by those who had bought their homes within the last four years and over 83 per cent of them had sought help from real estate agents. About 36 per cent said they wished the brokers were more technologically sound.

Why the shift?

Of late, internet penetration is high and homebuyers are an informed class. Naturally, where there is money involved, the buyer would make sure he or she is investing it in the right place. The Internet has also bought places closer. If one has to survive in the digital world, one needs to step up the game, especially real estate agents.

Dario Cardile, VP, Growth Marketing at Owners.com says, “Homebuyers are now seeking brokers that keep them more organized and efficient with cutting-edge technology and tools and make their home search even easier.” The demand is, therefore, to help buyers arrive at the best in the minimum possible time.

Buyers’ expectations

Buyers have also laid out their expectations. About 30 per cent of these wanted real estate brokers to communicate primarily through a mobile application while 46 per cent wanted their brokers to keep a track of their appointments and follow-ups, besides viewings in one location that is available at all times. Another 42 per cent said that they would prefer if their broker could help them schedule these site visits online.

Yes, as a broker, you need to be on your toes because this survey also highlighted that 62 per cent of buyers have already done a few rounds of research all by themselves before they approach a broker. It may not be wrong to say that with brokers, homebuyers are looking for the ease of arriving at the home. A broker with sound knowledge about what is happening on the ground and with technological know-how has the chance to be the best at the game. In any case, a real estate broker is indispensable because the market is competitive and real price advantage is a domain that brokers understand and sail through best. At any point in time, these buyers were not willing to compromise on the information that the broker gives. Therefore, a broker must be one, informed and second, technologically savvy.

Also be prepared for data on lifestyle in a particular locality, demography, crime, social infrastructure, whether the locality is walkable, price trends as well as property tax, sales record of the house one is buying into and information on building restrictions etc.

Last Updated: Tue Jun 26 2018

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