An Apartment Close To Office? Grab It!

An Apartment Close To Office? Grab It!

An Apartment Close To Office? Grab It!

Ram Prasad (26), a resident of Delhi's Dilshad Garden undertakes a journey of over two hours to reach his office in Gurgaon. Prasad, a music lover is unable to find personal time for following his passion as his precious evening time goes in commuting. He is now considering relocation near his workplace.

Travelling is tiring and impacts our health to a great extent. Most of us, like Prasad, have or are considering relocation to our workplaces. So if you work in the suburbs or the city, MakaanIQ tells you the key advantages of residing near your workplace.

An eco-friendly gesture

The closer you are to your workplace, the lesser time you would spend driving. If the office is at a walkable distance, you won't even depend on public transportation or infrastructure and might either cycle or walk to work. This not only reduces commute time but also saves the environment from pollution and helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Cost saving

Residing near workplace can lead to huge cost savings by cutting down on transportation charges - be it public transportation or private vehicle. You can look forward to saving on fuel costs, parking costs as well as vehicle maintenance expenses.

Work-life balance

Living near your office gives you the flexibility of balancing your personal and professional life. You could indulge in overtime opportunities and yet be able to spend time with your family or have access to more entertainment options and explore new places and restaurants. Cycling or walking to the office also has tremendous health benefits.

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Saves time

Most of the vehicle owners have a hard time dealing with traffic jams, with special mention to cities like Mumbai and Delhi which are known for major traffic problems. The biggest advantage of living close to one's workplace is that it saves a lot of time. It will save you from the exhausting journey and makes you a reliable employee. If you had been spending two hours each to and from your workplace every day, you could now end up saving over 80 hours in a month.

Last Updated: Mon Apr 10 2017

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