5 Reasons Why Pictures Add Value To A Property?

5 Reasons Why Pictures Add Value To A Property?

5 Reasons Why Pictures Add Value To A Property?

Promoting a property by highlighting its USP is a great way to attract potential buyers. With a boom in the online realty space, there is a cut-throat competition among sellers to promote and sell their properties. But can this out-of-date way attract today's uber-smart buyer to a property? Probably, not.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The apt solution is to upload good pictures of the property you want to sell. Nothing appeals a property-seeker more than a well-captured photograph.

MakaaniQ tells you why a property listed with good pictures will have an edge over others.

  • The most important fact about the online property-seeker is that he has the attention span of a gnat. If something doesn't immediately catch his eye, he moves on. Hence, a good range of external and internal photos posted by sellers while listing the property can hold the prospective buyers' attention for long.
  • Good pictures with relevant details can build a trust in the buyer's mind which may compel him to visit the property site. Once the potential buyer visits the site, the chances of buying the property increase manifold.
  • A buyer located miles away may show interest in a distant property. Professional photos of a property can give prospective buyers a feel of the future home and visualise their life, neighbourhood there. Armed with other necessary information as well, he can quickly make up his mind whether to take the tour of the property site or not. This will save both buyers and sellers' time and cost.
  • A good property listing with detailed and good pictures can generate genuine and healthy leads. It would also cut down on unwanted calls. 
  • A seller giving proper listing with interesting photographs fulfills the overall property report. A relevant listing, with photos, will always hold high among the prospective buyers and it, in turn, will help the seller increase his seller score.

However, it is important to take the right picture and be sure about what you want to include and exclude in the picture. Tip: De-clutter the house and rope in a skilled photographer to showcase the best areas of the property while downplaying its flaws.

Last Updated: Mon Oct 02 2017

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