7 Amenities Your Housing Society Must Have

7 Amenities Your Housing Society Must Have

7 Amenities Your Housing Society Must Have

Generally, the driving factors for any property purchase is the location and budget preference of a buyer. However, home buying is a complex process that it appears to be. In addition to scrutinising details such as the developer's credentials, pricing, payment and loan options, a home buyer must look for certain important facilities which every housing colony must possess.

A look at six essential amenities your residential property must provide:

The power back-up

Power outages are a common phenomenon in India, and that is why it is mandatory your housing society has a power back-up system.

 The safety system


In big cities, community living is much safer as compared to traditional independent houses because most housing societies have a robust security system in place. Modern housing societies have round-the-clock security features, including CCTV surveillance systems, firefighting equipment, video door phone and intercom facility. Make sure your housing society has all these in place.

Eco-friendly construction


Given the extent of water scarcity prevailing in the country, it is imperative to adopt eco-friendly ways to conserve water through using rain\water harvesting system. Opt for a property that has eco-friendly features such as solar panels, energy efficient fixtures, etc.

The healthy living



The presence of fitness clubs, especially gymnasium, sports facilities, yoga hall or a meditation room, give true meaning to a sound lifestyle. Outdoor spaces, including segregated parks for kids' play and sitting areas for senior citizens' are an added advantage. Check for these before you book a home in a society.

 The entertainment zone Lounge_bar_in_ouagadougou


Modern-day residential development concept isn't just about spacious living areas and basic housing facilities. Amenities for entertainment — clubhouse, bar lounge and cafeteria — are a must for having a fulfilling living experience.

 The parking parking_lot


Parking troubles are often encountered in all independent housing localities. Residential communities with reserved or visitor's parking area are an essential feature to look out for when buying a residential property.

Social infrastructure


Multi-utility stores providing goods and services within the housing society is a must-have. Especially for projects located in upcoming localities finding basic amenities or grocery could be difficult and stores could be at a distance. Such utility stores within the society bring ease of finding the products at services right at the doorstep.

Last Updated: Tue Aug 01 2017

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