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          • 29th May 18

            Where Is Abu Dhabi Realty Headed?

            An increase in supply, an uncertainty over the employment market and a readjustment in housing allowances have led to softening of prices in Abu the Dhabi real estate market. On a year-on-year basis, prices have fallen by 14 per cent and the rental values are down by nine per cent in Abu Dhabi. The situation is anticipated to continue for the remainder of 2018.
          • 30th May 18

            All About Dubai’s Exclusive Student Housing Complex

            To cater to more than 24,000 students studying in colleges and universities across Dubai, an independent housing complex will be launched in early part of 2020.
          • 24th May 18

            What Makes DIFC A Popular Walk-To-Work Destination?

            As a hotspot offering residential facilities as well as work opportunities, DIFC has become a popular walk-to-work destination. It also offers entertainment options as the popular Downtown Dubai is located in close proximity.
          • 25th May 18

            Going to Buy Property In Dubai? Do Read

            In case Dubai is the place where you are buying your dream home, here is all you need to do.
          • 22nd May 18

            Where Is Dubai’s Real Estate Headed?

            The strengthening US Dollar, the declining rentals and the introduction of the value-added tax are impacting the residential sector, somehow turning investors passive.
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