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    • 29th May 18

      Where Is Abu Dhabi Realty Headed?

      An increase in supply, an uncertainty over the employment market and a readjustment in housing allowances have led to softening of prices in Abu the Dhabi real estate market. On a year-on-year basis, prices have fallen by 14 per cent and the rental values are down by nine per cent in Abu Dhabi. The situation is anticipated to continue for the remainder of 2018.
    • 30th May 18

      Should You Move To Abu Dhabi?

      What could you find if you are planning to live in Abu Dhabi?
    • 4th Jun 18

      UAE Realty Booming On Increased Foreign Money Flow

      Numbers reflect that the country is consistently receiving foreign investments boosting its economic and business environment.
    • 1st Aug 18

      Expats In Dubai: How Much Should You Wait Before Buying Property

      Here’s how long should a property be held to ensure financial viability in terms of the costs involved.
    • 24th Jul 18

      UAE’s Real Estate Market Likely To Revive Next Year

      Oversupply and muted income growth are the prime factors that are exerting pressure on the market persistently, and the demand side doesn’t seem to be catching up with the volume of supply.
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