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khalifa city a
Abu Dhabi


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Khalifa City A Property

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    • 31st Jul 18

      Changing Demand-Supply Dynamics In Dubai Real Estate Market

      Recent economic reforms coupled with the developments ahead of Expo 2020 are considered to be the reasons driving real estate growth in Dubai.
    • 25th Jul 18

      Is Dubai’s Off-Plan Properties Market Reviving?

      With prices moving upwards, the future for Dubai’s off-plan properties looks bright.
    • 27th Jul 18

      Virtual Reality Is Changing Face Of UAE Realty

      Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are not mere entertainment technologies. They have started to take a distinct form when it comes to the public sector in the United Arab Emirates.
    • 25th Jul 18

      Why You Should Invest In Dubai’s Property Market Right Now

      There have been other attempts by the government to bring in more stability to the investment market.
    • 19th Jun 18

      Sharjah Takes Tenancy Contracts Online

      The Sharjah City Municipality has gone online with tenancy contracts, a move aimed at reducing the use of paper, and a positive step towards saving time and effort for tenants.
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