Innovative Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Innovative Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Innovative Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Lighting can completely make or break the ambience of your home. A good home lighting can leave a lasting impression on your guests and is also a great way to channel your artistic energy. Like it is with art, you need to also whether the lights are well-suited to the mood of your living space.

MakaanIQ presents a guide that will help you choose the right lighting for different areas of your home:



If you have a foyer entrance to your home, this is one area where you can install an eye-catching chandelier on the roof. This can be the centre of attraction.

Living room


Different types of lighting can brighten your living room, depending on the size of the room and the look you want to create. The room can have a mix of ambient, focus and study lights, depending on the activity. For activities like watching TV and playing games with your kids, use coloured LEDs. You can install them behind your TV. Focus lights like downlighters can be installed if you have decorative pieces in your room that you want to highlight. Also, install high-intensity study lamps for casual reading.  

Tip: Return to the medieval age by giving a copper-and-brass theme to your living room. Use brass pendant lamps and brass decorative pieces.



To have an eye-pleasing experience where you like to have tongue-pleasing food, install a grand chandelier on the ceiling, provided there is ample head room. Liven up your art pieces with focus lights.



Light up the entire kitchen top with LED panel lights or downlighters, or both. It is an added advantage if your kitchen chimney has pre-fitted light.



Install a series of low-voltage LED bulbs around the boundary of your bathroom mirror. Make sure that there are no lights behind, in front or on top of the mirror, else they will cast a bright reflection on your face. Rest of the lighting should be ambient, rather than bright.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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