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      • 20th Feb 18

        Earthship Homes: An Off-Grid Housing Solution For Sustainable Living

         Known as the homes for the ‘end days’, earthship homes are the answer to a living that requires minimal dependence on public utilities and depleting natural resources. This concept, designed by architect Michael Reynolds, was first constructed in New Mexico in 1970s. Since then, many such homes have come across the world. Let’s see what makes this concept popular.
      • 2nd Aug 16

        Exploring The Unexplored Parts Along The Western Ghats

        MakaanIQ lists the lesser known places in the Western Ghats which you could visit.
      • 24th Sep 18

        Five Things NRIs Buying Property In India Must Know

        A look at what differentiates NRI property purchase from resident property purchase in India.
      • 12th Sep 18

        Auspicious Dates For Griha Pravesh In 2018-2019

        In India, we perform the house-entering ceremony, popularly known as Griha Pravesh, before we set our foot in our new house. This ceremony is performed keeping in mind the guidelines prescribed by the ancient architectural science of Vastu. Certain procedures have to be followed to make sure our stay in the new home is fulfilling. In case you recently bought a house and are planning to perform the Griha Pravesh ritual, we list here the auspicious days on which you could do so in 2018 and 2019.
      • 20th Sep 18

        Jaypee Homebuyers Reject Reappointment Of Resolution Professional

        The committee of creditors appointed in Jaypee insolvency case has rejected a proposal to reappoint Anuj Jain as the resolution professional. This committee is primarily led by homebuyers, who are unhappy with the way Jain has been handling the issue in the past.
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