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    • 3rd Jan 17

      Architecture That Defies The Regulation Of Being Static

      Like ancient times, portable architecture is back in action. Light-weight, flexible, functional and easy in size, such an architecture is making a mark in an environment where rectangular static structure dominate. MakaaniQ lists some interesting portable designs.
    • 28th Dec 16

      Top Real Estate Markets And Where India Ranks

      The Indian real estate market is a prominent investment for foreign investors. However, there are still several parameters that are leading India when it comes to property transaction as an asset class. Here are a few other property markets that offer a stiff competition to India.
    • 17th Jan 17

      5 Mass-Transit Systems That Can Beat India's Traffic Woes

      With car ownership in India tripling over the past decade, traffic has become a daily menace to deal with for most. Moreover, the existing public transport is already full to the brim, thus, calling for a better, faster, and efficient transport system that not only cuts down traffic but also brings down the pollution levels, too. MakaaniQ lists five such mass-transit systems that could prove to be a boon for India.
    • 21st Dec 16

      Top 10 Celebrity Home Deals Of 2016

      Here is a list of top-10 celebrity deals that made headlines this year.
    • 1st Dec 16

      Bangkok Could Be A Lesson For India’s Tourism Industry  

      The Thailand capital has topped the Mastercard Index of Global Destination Cities of 132 countries.
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