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    • 1st Mar 17

      World's First Rotating Tower To Adorn Dubai Skyline By 2020

      Not just world's first rotating tower, Dynamic Tower will also be world's first prefabricated skyscraper that will adorn the skyline of the city of future, Dubai. Conceptualised back in 2008, the structure will have individually rotating 80 storeys, with each apartment controlled by voice-activated technology. Here are some more interesting facts about the structure.
    • 10th Mar 17

      Aston Martin Set To Drive Into Miami Realty With Condos

      It is time to live the Bond life as Aston Martin ventures into the real estate business. The luxury carmaker will soon be coming up with a 60-storey structure in Miami that will offer branded residences. Here is all that you need to know about this upcoming project.
    • 24th Jan 17

      The Void: 7 Architectural Marvels That Have A Hole

      Modern-day architects keep on experimenting and introducing new concepts to the world of architecture. This time we talk about some of the bold and daring structures that redefine tall buildings They introduced a hollow right in the middle, making structures look like marvels that stand out. MakaaniQ lists seven such iconic structures that have a void in them.
    • 21st Feb 17

      Gulf-Based NRI's May Find Indian Realty Attractive, Here's Why

      India has been known to be the third-largest real estate investment hub for High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) as well as Non-resident Indians (NRIs). A consultancy has estimated that total NRI investment in 2017 will be around $ 11.5 Billion. The key factors which drive NRI investments in the country have been identified as emergence of digital tools, promotions done by developers and marketing agencies, a pro-investors government as well as growth of affordable housing.
    • 3rd Jan 17

      Architecture That Defies The Regulation Of Being Static

      Like ancient times, portable architecture is back in action. Light-weight, flexible, functional and easy in size, such an architecture is making a mark in an environment where rectangular static structure dominate. MakaaniQ lists some interesting portable designs.
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