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      • 3rd Oct 16

        City Beat: DDA Plans To Build Parks Similar to New York's Central Park [Video]

        The union territory government is also taking up major initiatives to beautify Delhi.
      • 9th Jul 18

        How False Ceilings Can Make Your Home Look Truly Beautiful

        A look at what a false ceiling is and what its advantages and disadvantages are.
      • 10th Jul 18

        Know Your Tax Benefits As A Homebuyer

        MakaanIQ talks about the tax benefits you can avail of on a home loan.
      • 16th Jul 18

        Jaypee To Deposit Rs 600 Cr In Instalments ; Buyers Demand New Builder

        Jaypee group has identified certain assets which it can sell to deposit Rs 600 crore that will be used to refund the aggrieved homebuyers. The assets include a cement plant at Rewa in Madhya Pradesh.
      • 16th Jul 18

        Popular Housing Schemes In India

        For a country like India where population and inflation have faded common man's dream of owning a home, few government-sponsored housing schemes are a big respite. The Central government in India isĀ runningĀ a number of housing schemes to provide shelter and basic amenities to the homeless poor in urban and rural areas. Check out a few popular housing schemes and policies.
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