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  • 28th Nov 16

    City Beat: New Launches Shoot Up In Chennai [Video]

    According a PropTiger DataLabs report, majority of new launches in Chennai were seen in the western suburbs.
  • 20th Apr 17

    Tips For A Vastu-Compliant Kitchen

    MakaaniQ lists some important guidelines for designing a Vastu-compliant kitchen.
  • 12th Jan 17

    City Beat: Want To Construct Over Permissible FSI In Mumbai Suburbs? Pay An Additional Cess [Video]

    A cess of Rs 5,000 for every additional square metre will be levied on those planning to redevelop old and dilapidated buildings in the suburbs of Mumbai. This will have to be paid during the construction period and will be used to develop the offsite infrastructure of the building.
  • 19th Apr 17

    Tips To Construct A Vastu-Compliant House

    MakaaniQ shares some tips that will help you build a Vastu-compliant property.
  • 31st Jan 17

    Your 1BHK Will Cost You Much More Than You Thought  

    Most of us would like to stay close to the city centre even if we have to compromise on the size of the house. For instance, rather than having a 3BHK house in suburbs, you would prefer a studio apartment close to the business district. You know these come with a much higher price tag and you are prepared for it. However, you will be paying more for this home than you had imagined.

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Goregaon East

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Kandivali East

15,977 - 49,8227.5%

Thane West

7,444 - 1,53,9438.6%


6,036 - 1,43,1715.9%

Mira Road East

7,765 - 87,999-3.1%


3,255 - 25,9565.7%


4,100 - 6,02015.2%


3,933 - 18,09630.9%
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