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  • 2nd Aug 16

    Exploring The Unexplored Parts Along The Western Ghats

    MakaanIQ lists the lesser known places in the Western Ghats which you could visit.
  • 23rd Sep 16

    Upcoming London Spire To Be Western Europe's Tallest Residential Tower

    MakaaniQ lists interesting facts about this £800-million residential project.
  • 16th Aug 16

    Does It Make Sense To Impose Western Norms Governing Property Rights On Eastern Countries?

    Western capitalistic democracies flourished because of formal, documented property titles. Does it make sense to impose such norms on the East?
  • 9th Dec 16

    Rewind & Relax: 10 Reasons Why Kerala Is The Perfect Travel Destination

    MakaaniQ takes you on a virtual tour of Kerala and tells you what makes this a perfect destination to unwind.
  • 17th Apr 17

    Colour Your Home The Feng Shui Way

    Colours of your home influence thought patterns to a great extent. They have a great impact on the health, career and financial prosperity of a person’s life. There are total eight directions that represents different elements. As per Feng Shui, there are different favourable colours for each direction.

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18,214 - 75,05644.5%


30,035 - 4,26,56120.3%

Goregaon East

12,359 - 1,98,23534.6%

Kandivali East

16,793 - 1,37,9697.5%

Thane West

7,435 - 1,90,5528.6%


5,739 - 1,46,6615.9%

Mira Road East

7,771 - 82,768-3.1%


3,202 - 31,0365.7%


3,994 - 17,77130.9%

Chembur East

17,769 - 1,04,84091.1%
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