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  • 7th Dec 16

    Have The Money? You Can Live In Eiffel Tower!

    Luxury has evolved in its meaning and besides amenities that we have heard of in the past, there is more focus on technology and health these days.
  • 30th Dec 16

    Projects World Trade Center Association Launched In India

    The World Trade Center Association (WTCA), which has its presence across 90 countries, is presently focusing on developing WTC projects in Asia-Pacific region including popular cities in India. The development of WTC complexes in Noida, Chandigarh, Bhubaneswar, Pune and Chennai are already underway and projects in Hyderabad and Kochi have been proposed by the respective state governments.
  • 30th Dec 16

    These World’s Biggest Malls Are Redefining Real Estate

    Shopping malls have become a necessity now for every city dweller. But, malls now are not just mere shopping and entertainment destination, there is a lot that is being put to make these into architectural marvels, too. Accommodating a wide range of interestingly conceptualised retail stores, different entertainment zones, museums, theme restaurants and equally well-designed outdoors. With all this, malls redefine real estate market of a city or the nearby localities. MakaaniQ lists some of the world’s biggest malls that will wow you.
  • 29th Dec 16

    Ahead Of The Curve: 7 Iconic Circular Buildings Around the World

    The world is full of architectural marvels. There are a plenty of unique structures that look different and classy at the same time. Of the many structures, we bring you a few exclusive architectural wonders which are circular in shape.
  • 24th Nov 16

    All You Need To Know About KCR’s New Home

    MakannIQ brings you some interesting facts about KCR’s new address.

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15,473 - 1,18,07144.5%


13,287 - 4,26,45620.3%

Goregaon East

18,165 - 1,79,18534.6%

Kandivali East

16,023 - 45,5117.5%

Thane West

6,588 - 1,78,4008.6%


5,878 - 1,82,8645.9%

Mira Road East

7,160 - 1,51,443-3.1%


3,164 - 7,84515.2%


3,874 - 51,29930.9%

Chembur East

18,257 - 1,20,44191.1%
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