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  • 11th May 17

    Technology You Can Soon Expect In Indian Real Estate Industry

    Here are some technological changes that will not only revolutionise our daily lives but also the construction process.
  • 24th May 17

    Are You Ready To Buy A High-End Property?

    An owner may fail to quickly find a taker for a high-end properties,but he can certainly earn a good rental yield.
  • 11th May 17

    What is An Ideal Property Listing?

    There are scores of other people selling the same thing as you. How do you make your property listing more attractive? How do you ensure yours is not just another listing that prospective buyers skip?
  • 12th May 17

    3 Signs That It Is Time To Sell Your Property

    When should you be convinced that the right time to sell the property has arrived?
  • 18th May 17

    Selling In A Slow Market? Here Are Some Tips For You

    A slow-moving market does not necessarily mean you will have a hard time selling your property. Here are some tips for sellers to breeze through the process.

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9,393 - 77,84144.5%


22,476 - 4,19,30320.3%

Goregaon East

17,715 - 1,42,96434.6%

Kandivali East

15,569 - 49,6637.5%

Thane West

8,846 - 1,49,9518.6%


7,449 - 1,42,8645.9%

Mira Road East

8,301 - 34,348-3.1%


3,300 - 24,7195.7%


4,104 - 6,02115.2%


3,872 - 17,34130.9%
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