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aurangabad bangar
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Aurangabad Bangar Property

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    • 31st Jul 18

      Likely Risks If You Live Near An Airport

      Investing in a perfect location may help you reap gains but it is advisable to take note of governmental sanctions and health hazards before you park your money.
    • 20th Jul 18

      Pune Is The Noisiest In Maharashtra, Says Report

      According to a recently published report by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (Neeri), honking is one of the most problematic causes of noise pollution in most of the cities in Maharashtra. A survey done by the institute also suggests that Pune is the noisiest city in Maharashtra as it records considerably higher than the prescribed limit of decibel levels in many areas.
    • 6th Nov 17

      SC Demands Details From Centre On Waste Management Rules In Cities

      India generates about 60 million tonnes of solid waste in a year which has been a major source of several diseases such as Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya. Recently the Supreme Court sought details from the Centre on steps taken to implement Solid Waste Management rules across the country, citing lack of waste management as the cause for several vector-borne disease related deaths. The number of deaths has increased in states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra. The core solution focuses on organized garbage and waste management at source, particularly in housing societies and commercial establishments.
    • 7th Jan 15

      Luxury Property Catches Home buyers Attention: Luxury Living report by

      Rise in the disposable income, DINKs families (Double Income No Kids) and boom in service sector are making people rich at early age. The changing demographics of the country coupled with the rising aspirations have propelled growth of luxury housing. Gen Y's aspiration of comfortable and superior lifestyle equipped with world-class features that elevate resident's lifestyle and comfort is prompting builders launch Luxury or Super Luxury projects.
    • 26th Jul 18

      Feng Shui: Go Strong By Using Elephant As Part Of Your Home Decor

      MakaaniQ shares the ways through which you can add the elephant theme into your home décor.

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