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  • 21st Jun 18

    Green City Will Keep You Healthy And Employed, Says Study

    The University of Leeds in Britain has come out with a research concluding that spending money on improved public transport could create up to 23 million extra jobs while promoting green infrastructure will boost productivity and health. The team of researchers has arrived at this conclusion after analyzing more than 700 papers on the impact of low-carbon infrastructure on cities around the world.
  • 6th Jan 17

    5 Ways In Which Businesses Can Contribute In Making Cities Green

    Green cities are a dream that can only be achieved collectively. While the government launches new initiatives and individuals imbibe green practices at home, it is also a responsibility that businesses need to take up. In fact, an initiative taken up by a big business can have a greater and a stronger impact.
  • 8th Aug 18

    Top Localities For Students To Rent A House In Jaipur

    Jaipur is home to over 600 educational institutes and ranks second in terms of number of higher education institutes in India, with Bengaluru lying on top. This factor has been driving demand for rental housing. Let us look at which are the most popular areas among students to rent a place in Jaipur.
  • 11th Oct 17

    Bring Down Your Energy Costs With Smart Meters

    MakaaniQ on how this new-age solution can help homeowners monitor energy consumption in real-time and cut down costs.
  • 17th Jul 17

    Smart Cities Require Solar And Green Products

    According to the Smart Cities Mission, India will meet 10 per cent of its energy requirements through solar power generation and 80 per cent of buildings will be made energy-efficient and green. Initiatives for developing solar-based products have been conceptualised to achieve this.
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