Home Sutra: Ways To Remove Defects From Southwest Corner

Home Sutra: Ways To Remove Defects From Southwest Corner

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The southwest direction or Nairutya in Vastu represents the earth element and is ruled by Rahu, one of the nine planets in Vedic astrology. This corner of the house denotes stability. If the southwest zone is made Vastu-compliant, it brings good luck and prosperity to the occupants. However, a major Vastu defect, a cut in the southwest corner can invite unexpected expenses and disturb the mental balance. It is vital to keep this section of the house heavier than other corners and include things which bring the benefits of the earth element.

Given below are some Vastu remedies for a cut in the southwest direction:

  • Move the heavy furniture and items of the house to this corner. This is a simple remedy that can control the negative effects of a southwest cut.
  • Adorn the walls of the southwest corner with paintings that depict the earth element.
  • Repaint the southwest walls in earthy shades such as peach or light brown.
  • Place a Rahu Yantra in the corner and worship Planet Rahu for benefits
  • You can also install Vastu pyramids in all the directions of the house by attracting positive energies and removing the Vastu defect.

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