Turn Your House Corners Positive, Feng Shui Way

Turn Your House Corners Positive, Feng Shui Way

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There are many ways in which you could add life to the neglected room corners in your house. According to Feng Shui, the corners where two walls meet emit poisonous secret arrows which disrupt the harmony and cause anxiousness. We bring you some easy Feng Shui cures to address the room corners in your home.

Chi: Room corners give rise to the attacking energies called Sha Chi whose intensity needs to be curbed to safeguard the house and its elements. This can be done by placing indoor palm plants. Consider installing corner shelves and then arranging decorative ball or crystals at these corners that will give an attractive look to this dull space while promoting good energies around. A basket of flowers or planters are good Feng Shui options which could be used generously for room corners.

Surroundings: Rectifying the immediate wall spaces can be effective in eliminating the negativities. Keep furniture such as corners tables or armchairs slightly away from the corners. Make sure they do not touch the walls. Wind chimes, standing lamps or hanging lamps are excellent décor ideas for ignored corners of a well-decorated house. Repaint the walls and set up inspiring artwork. The idea is to create a nook without any sharp projections and one that allows the Chi to slide through the walls.

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