Tips For A Vastu-Compliant Kitchen

Tips For A Vastu-Compliant Kitchen

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Many people believe in Karma and think of solutions when faced with different challenges. This approach is absolutely correct, but actions (Karmas) taken in a favourable environment which is governed by guidelines specified by Vastu Shastra works for creating good fortune for the individuals. This makes Vastu a very important concept getting popular among home buyers as people choose to work hard in cooperation with strict adherence to Vastu Principles ensuring that no compromise is made in their efforts to live a complete and fulfilling life. 

Importance of Vastu-compliant kitchens 

Let's take a look at some of the drawbacks of kitchens that are not Vastu-compliant:

  • Health issues for the cook and head of the household causing lethal diseases and untimely death.
  • Financial loss creating a situation where one reaches the state of bankruptcy.
  • Family disputes and situations where in married people go for divorce.

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Guidelines for designing a Vastu-compliant kitchen 

Placement of the kitchen

The southeast direction is the ideal location for placing the Kitchen as the element of fire governs this direction. Even the northwest corner of the home is another great alternative.

Placement of gas stove

Gas stove must be placed in the southeast direction as the person who makes the food should be facing the east direction.

Sink and taps should be placed away from the cooking gas

The perfect location for placing sinks and taps is the north-east direction as they indicate flowing water. Also, one should ensure that the sink and taps must be placed away from the cooking gas as water and fire are two opposing elements.

Placement of the refrigerator

The refrigerator must be placed in the southwest direction. Keep it at a distance of at least a foot from the corner. Avoid placement of refrigerator in the north-east direction.

Placement of windows and exhaust fan

Windows must be placed in the east whereas ventilators should be positioned in the southern direction.

Placement of electrical appliances

Electrical appliances must be placed in the south or the southeast direction of the kitchen. One should avoid placing them in the north-east direction.

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Placement of storage

The storage cupboards should be placed on the southern or western walls of the kitchen. North and east side walls should be avoided when it comes to the placement of the storage.

Positioning of drinking water vessels

Drinking water vessels should be positioned on the northeast side of the home.


Ceramic tiles, marble or mosaic are hard and scratch resistant. Thus, it makes for a great option for kitchen's flooring.


Vibrant colours such as chocolate brown, green, yellow, rose, orange or red are perfect for the kitchen.

Non-destructive ways to rectify Vastu Dosha in the kitchen

In case you have a kitchen which is not as per the said Vastu principles, then these remedies would help you fix Vastu Dosha prevailing in your kitchen and that too without going through the hassle of reconstruction.

  • In case the kitchen is situated in the north-east or north direction, then pasting a Jupiter crystal pyramid above the stove will minimise the negative energy prevailing because of the Vastu Dosha.
  • In case there is Vastu violation as far as the placement of the stove is concerned, then simply paste a set of three zinc pyramids on the wall opposing the stove.
  • Ideally, kitchen sink should be placed away from the kitchen's stove. But in case of violation, simply place a clear crystal rock cluster in between the stove and the sink.
  • When electrical appliances are not placed in the southeast direction then paste a mars crystal pyramid beside the oven or other electrical appliances.
  • Although it is not recommended to have puja room in the kitchen, if space or budget constraints force you to keep puja room in the kitchen, then simply place a crystal Shree yantra in the temple placed above the kitchen's sink. Else, if it is placed above the stove then pasting a sun crystal pyramid between the stove and the temple will solve the issue.
  • Hanging a 50 mm crystal on the four corners of the ceiling of the kitchen will help you solve Vastu Dosha created because of the placement of the water storage tank in the wrong direction.

Additional tips:

  • Clog burners in the kitchen indicate monetary issues. Thus, keep burners of your kitchen clean as this ensures smooth flow of cash in a household.
  • Puja house should not be placed in the kitchen as chemical reactions take place within the kitchen. This diminishes the positive energy radiated by the puja room.

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