Ring In Positivity The Feng Shui Way With Water Fountains

Ring In Positivity The Feng Shui Way With Water Fountains

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By placing water features like a fountain in your house, you create a new focal point. An excellent outdoor décor item, water fountains work equally well when placed indoors; and they bring serenity and positive Chi into the area while raising the aesthetic appeal up by many degrees.

There are some Feng Shui do’s and don’ts, as listed below, which if adhered to can maximise the benefits.

Placement: Fountains introduce the strong energy of the water element and thus should be kept in a compatible area that offers nourishing energies and prevents imbalance. The best place to keep the fountains is near the house entrance or outdoor areas like patio and gardens. Never place fountains in bedrooms or near stairways.

Bagua: Fountains show good effects when placed in the wealth corners of southeast and north bagua; or even in the southwest and east bagua. This way the Chi is activated which brings abundance and prosperity as well as fosters new beginnings.

Style: Fountains come in a variety of styles like table-top, free-standing or wall-mounted. The perfect material for a Feng Shui fountain is the one which amplifies the soothing sound of flowing water. Rather than opting for a hard plastic, you could choose materials like copper, ceramic, metal, stone or wood. Also, a design having a silent motor and no sharp edges makes a fountain Feng Shui-perfect. Position the fountain in a way that the direction of the water-flow is towards you.

Balance: Creating a balance of all elements is one of the basic tenets of Feng Shui philosophy. For instance, if you opt for a wooden fountain, add some coins in the water. You can also put some crystals or stones into the fountain's basin. Besides, add essential oils into the water for fragrance. Make sure the water is clean and refilled regularly.

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