Feng Shui: Remain In The Pink Of Health With Buddha Statues

Feng Shui: Remain In The Pink Of Health With Buddha Statues

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Feng Shui lays importance on use of the Buddha symbol in homes to support the movement of chi, the good energy. As a universal cure, figurines of the Laughing Buddha, the ancient Chinese monk, could be effectively displayed to attract wealth, prosperity, academic success and good health. 

Considered to be a reincarnation of Gautama Buddha, the Laughing Buddha appears in many forms carrying different tools, each having its own significance, for showering blessings on people. The special Buddha Statues could be used for strengthening the life area pertaining to health and happiness.

Laughing Buddha with beads or ball

Figurines where the Buddha is seen with both hands raised and carrying beads or balls attracts health and prosperity for the owner. The ball, often known as ‘pearls of wisdom’ or wealth balls, has various meanings and sometimes known as medicine balls, a peach or apricot denoting good health.

Laughing Buddha with fan and Wu Lou

Laughing Buddha carrying a fan in one hand and a Wu Lou in another hand symbolises happiness. It is believed that the deity waves the fan to clear away all the troubles of devotees. Keep the figurine in the east corner of the house, the life area associated with health and family.

Medicine Buddha

The Medicine Buddha is portrayed in a sitting posture with a jar of medicine in left hand while right hand rests on the knee in the blessing posture. It is advised to hang a painting of Medicine Buddha instead of a statue for stronger effects. The bagua area recommended is the southeast zone depicting abundance.

Buddha with a cap

Hotei, as the deity is called, is also depicted with a cap on its head. Since a stress-free life is the secret to a joyful existence, this form of Laughing Buddha not only brings material riches but also ensures long life.

Laughing Buddha with a bowl

The deity is seen holding a bowl which symbolises favourable luck. The statue would enhance the appeal of your dining room.

Meditating Buddha

Idols of the Meditating Buddha is an excellent décor for interiors as it is for garden or outdoor areas. The Buddha here is in a sitting, meditative position with both hands overlapping each other, generating good vibrations and showering blessings on people.

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