Planning To Buy A Plot? Keep These Vastu Tips In Mind

Planning To Buy A Plot? Keep These Vastu Tips In Mind

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The process of Vastu starts from plot selection. It is very important to choose a correct plot in order to lay the foundation of a home that would invite positive energy. There are cases when people find issues with the plot after making the final purchase. For instance, Ramesh Shah, a 36-year-old banker, bought a plot which was close to a temple. Now, as a common man, he thought that it is good to have a temple near the plot. Thus, he happily finalised the deal. But, later on, someone told him that it is not correct as per Vastu Shastra to have a plot based close to a temple. Now, he is left with only one choice which is to go for a remedy. But, if you don't want to be in a situation faced by Shah, then it is advisable to apply correct Vastu guidelines from the very beginning.

MakaaniQ lists guidelines that will help you in determining the auspiciousness of your plot:

Vastu guidelines for selecting the plot


Shape of the plot

Plots with irregular shapes must be avoided. Preference should be given to plots with a rectangular and square shape. These are auspicious from the point of Vastu and are said to bring prosperity and happiness.

  • Pot-shape plot: This kind of plot should be bought only after studying the direction. They come out to be auspicious if direction indicates as per shape.
  • Shapes to be avoided: Circular shape, oval shape plot, semi-circular shape plot

*One of the most auspicious shapes of a plot is a Gaumukhi or cow-faced. Such plots are narrower in the front and wider in the rear. These are believed to be auspicious for constructing a home, if there are roads on the south and the west side of the plot. However, extensions on such a plot should be made in Vastu-friendly directions only.

*A Shermukhi or a lion-faced plot is broader at the front portion and narrower at the back. These are suitable only commercial purposes, provided there are roads passing on the eastern and the northern side of the plot. 

*Always select square- or rectangular-shaped plots for construction of houses. These are known to balance the forces of elements and invite overall prosperity for the occupants.

*Avoid plot shapes which are round, oval, triangular or L-shaped because these cause uneven distribution of energies that can have adverse effects.

  • Roads hitting your plot

It is very important to understand the equation between the roads connecting to your plot.

Good site

  • When the incoming road is from the east and hits the northeast part of the plot.
  • When the incoming road is from the north and hits the northeast part of the plot.

Not a bad site

  • When the incoming road is from the West and hits the North- West part of the plot.
  • When the incoming road is from the South and hits the South- East part of the plot.

A bad site

  • When the incoming road is from the west and hits the southwest part of the plot.
  • When the incoming road is from the east and hits the southeast part of the plot.

  • When the incoming road is from the north and hits the northwest part of the plot.

  • When the incoming road is from the south and hits the southwest part of the plot.

Surroundings of the plot

It is very important to have a look at the surroundings of your plot. First, one should ensure that no temple is present near the plot. There should be a good distance between the two. This is because temple carries negative energies of the followers. Second, to see is that no tree should be placed near the plot as you will need government's permission in order to remove it. Third, you should see is the presence of power pole. Power pole in the northeast corner is a serious Vastu Dosha as this direction is the place for water and having a power pole at such a place can turn out to be very dangerous. Also, there are no issues in case the power pole is placed in the southern direction.

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Direction of the plot

Plots having an entrance in the north or east direction are auspicious. Even plots having an entrance in the southern direction works well but this depends entirely on your Kundli. Consult an astrologer before making a decision.

Some interesting ways to gauge the auspiciousness of a plot

  • Going by intuition

If you feel happy, calm and relaxed at the plot then go for it. In case you are not that intuitive person, then take a baby to the site. If the baby smiles, then it is a good deal to go for.

  • Dig a 1.5 feet deep pit in the centre of the plot

In the middle of the plot, dig a 1.5 feet deep pit and fill this with water. If a few minutes later the level of water in the pit remains the same or reduces by 10 per cent %, then the plot is highly powerful. If the level goes down by 50 per cent, then the plot is considered average. In case the level goes down by 60 per cent, then the plot is inauspicious.

  • Fill the hole with soil

In the centre of the plot, dig a hole having a diameter of 1 mt. Now, refill this with the soil already dug out. If after filling the hole, there is some soil left then proceed with the purchase.

  • Soil Test

Take the soil from the plot and keep it in your fist. If after few minutes, the soil quickly slides out of the hand, then avoid purchasing such a plot. On the other hand, if soil sticks to your palm then proceed by finalising the deal.

Few additional tips:

  • Ensure that your plot is not located near to a graveyard or hospital.
  • Check that there are no industrial buildings nearing your plot.
  • The plot should not be squashed between two large buildings.
  • River to the south of the plot and mountains to the north of the plot are not considered auspicious.
  • Corner plots and plots covered with green vegetation are considered to be auspicious.
  • Plots encapsulated by running roads from all directions come out to be good for commercial purposes.   

Vastu Tips To Remove Defects In Plot

*Divide an irregular-shaped plot into two regular plots with separate compound walls for each portion.

*You can create a shop or garage on the southwest side of the extended portion; a small temple on the northeast side; and gardens in the north, the east or the northeast sides.

*Use Vastu pyramids for shaping extended plots. For example, a lead pyramid for the southwest extension, brass pyramid strips for the northwest extension and copper strips for the southeast extension.

*Discard the plot if the soil emanates smell of decaying matter or is laden with rocks, worms, thorns, bones or other inauspicious substances. For soil test you could also hire services of a Vastu expert.

*A plot is considered auspicious, if things like cow horns, conch, turtles, copper, gravel, bricks, etc., are obtained while digging. If the land has these items - cowries, tiles, tattered clothes, coal, iron, lead, gold, gemstones and crude oil, it is better to avoid such plots.

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