Home Sutra: Living In A Highrise? Be Careful [Video]

Home Sutra: Living In A Highrise? Be Careful [Video]

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The water element or jal tatva plays a crucial role in ou lives, according to Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu, the presence of water bodies near a house or business premises not only adds to the charm of the place but also sets up a positive aura around. Recall the ancient times when palaces of kings used to be surrounded by fountains. In fact, some popular capital cities of the world, including Delhi and Mumbai, are located close to large rivers or lakes. However, in modern highrises, it is hard to find water bodies in proximity. Vastu says that people residing on upper floors of an apartment are deprived of the benefits of the water element. This could block the flow of positive energies and could have a direct effect on relationships, academics or career.

Vastu expert P Khurrana suggests a simple remedy for this Vastu dosha using seashells. Watch the video to get clarity on the subject.

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