How To Hang Artwork The Feng Shui Way?

How To Hang Artwork The Feng Shui Way?

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When a picture can tell a thousand words and kindle an equal number of emotions, it sure has the potential to energise a dull space. To attract the Chi to a particular area of the house, you can include various artwork based on the bagua area it corresponds with. We bring you some useful Feng Shui tips for placing artwork at your home:

Lucky paintings: Classic Feng Shui paintings of Bamboo and Buddha can be used for attracting wealth and prosperity. Paintings of Koi Pond with colourful Koi fishes circling about, is also a popular Feng Shui artwork for good luck. Hang them on east, southeast or north walls. Chinese dragon is another lucky painting for success and luck.

Living room: Explore options like inspirational quotes, Buddha thangka wall tapestries or wall hangings that denote a Feng Shui symbol.

Bedroom: Hang auspicious paintings such as those of birds, flowers, etc. on the east wall of the bedroom. Avoid displaying water features through pictures in the room. Remember to select paintings with pairs of birds for yin-yang balance.

Keep in mind

Always include artwork which depicts positive emotions. Avoid abstract paintings or artwork which depicts negative emotions - anger, anxiety or sadness. Opt for a large piece of art rather than small fragmented images. Moreover, when placing them, make sure the centre of the painting is at your eye level.

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