How To Attract Good Luck With Ru Yi

How To Attract Good Luck With Ru Yi

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Ru Yi or Ruyi is a Chinese sceptre that is widely used as a Feng Shui item to attract good luck and fortune. A decorative curved staff with patters of flowers, bats or coins imprinted on the handle, Ruyi literally means ‘as one wishes’ in Chinese. You can add sparkle to your living space with this magnificent yet spiritual object by following the below tips:


According to classical Feng Shui, Ruyi should be positioned in a place of business which would ensure career growth while also protect the owner from negative energies. Place the symbol in the north corner of an office space.

The bagua areas at home which would bring out the positive effects of Ruyi are the northwest and the west corner. Keeping this auspicious symbol in the northwest of your living room or bedroom will increase Yang energy while it will boost authoritative energy in the interaction with children when placed at the west corner.

Types of Ruyi

In earlier days, Ruyi was originally made from ivory and iron, but the object has aesthetically transformed and is now available in various materials such as jade which exude opulence and brilliance around. Ruyi is also made of precious wood or metal with bronze finish. The Feng Shui Ruyi is adorned with red tassels with the mystic knot or other lucky symbols. The Ruyi golden wealth enhancer is yet another popular form of Ruyi. It should be placed in the northwest area of the house for best results.

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