#HomeSutra: Use Crystal For Being A Visionary In Your Life [Video]

#HomeSutra: Use Crystal For Being A Visionary In Your Life [Video]

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One of the most common decor items used in our homes these days is crystal. From expensive Swarovski to simple cut glass items, crystals are a creative, beautiful way to deck up our rooms. They look brilliant in light and come in different styles and sizes to suit all budgets. But did you know that crystal decorations play an important role even in Vastu?
That is right. Vastu explains the best way to use crystals inside our rooms. Vastu says that hanging them on our windows or curtains like wind chimes brings a soothing energy into the room. Crystals in the children's room also helps to spread light which makes children concentrate better and makes them good learners.
Watch this episode of Home Sutra with Acharya P Khurrana to know how right use of crystal can make your child's future bright.

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