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Home: Vastu Tips For Sunshades

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Awnings, also known as sunshades, serve as an extended cover for buildings and provide protection from natural elements such as the sun and rains. They are usually installed above doors and windows, in the patio, parking areas or walkways. Today, these overhead roofs have become an essential and inexpensive element in all home improvement projects. Earlier, standard fabrics or metals were used for designing such coverings. Nowadays, they are available in wide variety of sizes, designs and patterns to suit the building exteriors and are highly preferred by homeowners over concrete extensions. Vastu considers awnings or sunshades a part of the roof, and lays certain guidelines in this regard in line with that basic principle.


According to Vastu, the downward slope in the northeast and the upward slope in the southwest directions is regarded auspicious. This attracts wealth and peace. The downward slope in the south, the northwest, the southwest or the southeast can affect finances or health. So, ensure awnings are placed with slope towards the northeast. This will ensure that rainwater flows from the southwest to the northeast which is considered ideal. Rainwater can also flow towards the north or the east.

Dos and don'ts

  • Yellow, cream, white and other pastel shades are recommended for awnings.
  • Do not use dark and dull colours for the awnings.
  • Ensure there are no obstructions in front of the sunshades such as big trees or lamp post as it can affect the flow of energies as well as water.
  • Asbestos or tin roofs should not be used above doors or balcony.

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