Home Sutra: Wipe Off Negativity With These Vastu Tips

Home Sutra: Wipe Off Negativity With These Vastu Tips

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Our homes need our undivided attention. To make sure time does not take the sheen off of them, we have to keep wiping the dirt off. To do that, we labour on a daily basis and try to keep our dwellings clean and tidy. It is also believed that positive energies enter only tidy territories. Considering that, it becomes even more important to keep our homes clean to lead and fulfilling life. However, most of us might not be aware that keeping the cleaning tools in particular positions is as important as keeping the home clean. In fact, Vastu lays great emphasis on that. Any error in this regards may lead to a spread of negativity into your personal territory.

5 Priceless Ways To Wipe Off Negative Energy From Your House

In this Home Sutra episode, renowned Vastu expert P Khurrana talks at length about the subject and gives Vastu tips that will wipe off negativity from your home. 

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