Home Sutra: Why Do We Light Diyas?

Home Sutra: Why Do We Light Diyas?

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We all have grown up watching our grandmothers perform daily puja, light up oil lamps in front of deities and chant mantra, especially at dusk. Lighting diyas in evenings is an age-old Hindu tradition that is believed to remove or keep off the negative energies from entering the house. Lighting of agarbatti (incense sticks) and dhoop signifies the presence of fire element (agni tatva). Having a fire feature in the house is known to be effective in reducing anger and disputes in relationships. Fire is an integral part of Hindu religious ceremonies. The prime purpose of including agni tatva in rituals is because agni consumes ceremonial offerings and directly transfers them to the respective gods through smoke.

One great way of having agni tatva at home is through traditional aromatherapy, using oil burner or oil diffuser. The method involves adding drops of aromatic oils into a bowl of water and heating the same using a candle. The arrangement is a perfect Vastu remedy as it is a classic combination of jal tatva, agni tatva and shukra tatva.

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