Home Sutra: Which Is An Ideal Floor?

Home Sutra: Which Is An Ideal Floor?

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While selecting an apartment in a high-rise structure, it is essential to perform checks from Vastu perspective to enjoy peaceful living. While your house is still being connected to the ground, the source of energy changes from land to air as one goes higher up in the building. This calls for suitable Vastu remedies for smooth flow of energies.

Here's a quick guide on choosing the right floor for your family.

  • Usually, buildings have overhead tanks that put pressure on the area beneath them. Thus, opting for the topmost floor is not advisable for families.
  • Vastu experts say that apartments above the fourth floor are devoid of the water element and must be not be bought to avoid problems in career or relationships. The Vastu defect can be rectified using sea shells as part of your home décor.
  • For owners of flats on the middle floors, it is advised to install ample lighting to rectify lack of sunlight.
  • Floors which are close to septic tank and water storage must be avoided.
  • When residing on upper floors, make sure the flow of energies is not obstructed by tall trees. Ensure the apartment offers good views of the surroundings and has windows.
  • Since basements lacks sunlight, the area must not be utilised for living purposes.

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