Home Sutra: Where Should You Place The Swing?

Home Sutra: Where Should You Place The Swing?

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Who can forget the joys and thrills of swing rides we took in our childhood? Swings, commonly known as Jhoolas in India, are also a traditional décor feature of Indian homes. Having a swing in the house is also regarded auspicious, according to Vastu. Hanging a swing in the house in considered auspicious as they attract positive energies and happiness in the house. While porch swings can add a gracious look to your dwelling, they also serve as a beautiful centerpiece for the living room or a perfect relaxation corner in the garden.

So, bring home this amazing décor element if you haven't yet, and remember to follow below listed Vastu tips while placing swings at home:

  • Wood has a special significance in Vastu, and including it as a home décor element is also auspicious. Hence, wooden swings should be preferred to metal swings.
  • The best directions to place swings in the garden or patio is the north or the east.
  • Avoid placing the swing in the south or the west direction.
  • While sitting on the swing, ensure you face the east or the north. Thus, it is advised to position the swing in a way that it moves from the east to the west.

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