Home Sutra: Where Should You Place The Idol Of Lord Ganesha?

Home Sutra: Where Should You Place The Idol Of Lord Ganesha?

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All year long, Hindus worship Lord Ganesha, the deity Hindus worship before making new beginnings and also to attract and prosperity. However, on Ganesh Chaturthi, the celebrations reach a different level of excitement altogether. If you are planning to bring home an idol of the lord this ganesh Chaturthi, you must be aware of some dos and don'ts.

Here are some Vastu tips for placing the idol of lord Ganesha in your house.

  • The best directions for keeping the idol are the east, the north-east or the west corner of your house.
  • While you are offering prayers, make sure you face the north or the east.
  • There are various types of idols which you can keep at home. Statues made of metals such as silver and crystal, and woods such as mango, peepal and neem are known to be auspicious.
  • Choose a raised platform for the deity, but ensure its back is against an outside wall.
  • Do not place the statue under the staircase or next to any wall attached to the bathroom.
  • The trunk of the elephant-headed Lord should be tilted towards the left or be straight or up in the air. Avoid idols that have the trunk tilted towards the right side.

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