Home Sutra: Where Should You Keep Your Crockery?

Home Sutra: Where Should You Keep Your Crockery?

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Elegantly displayed crockery shining through the glass cabinets leave a lasting impression on those guests who come to dine with us. However, utmost care has to be taken to maintain these items. The market is full of finest quality crockery available in varied designs, styles and materials like plastic, ceramic and glass. In case you love glass crockery, additional care has to be taken to make sure the items are safe.

But, before you decide to bring a classic collection of crockery in your house, consider the following Vastu tips:

*Crockery cabinet should be placed in the west, the south or the south-east corner of the dining room.

*Keeping glass crockery at home pleases planet moon. This ensures clarity in the thought process and elimination of misunderstandings.

*It is important to always keep the glass crockery and utensils upside down inside the cabinets.

*Ensure that crockery and the cabinet where it is kept is well-maintained and free of clutter.

*Vastu says that breaking of the glass is not a good sign. Broken crockery should be discarded and replaced immediately.

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