Home Sutra: Where Should You Keep Musical Instruments?

Home Sutra: Where Should You Keep Musical Instruments?

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It is scientifically proven that listening to music lowers stress levels and uplifts one's mood. Playing a musical instrument, too, has some great health benefits. Additionally, musical instruments can be an exquisite décor piece for your living room. Vastu experts say that musical instruments bring good vibrations in the house and serve as a great gift, too. They are believed to ensure balance in all spheres of life. So, weather it is a vintage piano or a classic guitar, adorn your abode to attract positive energies.

However, do not forget to follow the Vastu tips as mentioned below:

  • Musical instruments should be placed in the west, the north-west or the south-west corner of the house.
  • Placing a picture of a musical instrument is regarded auspicious and improves the rhythm in life.
  • Keep the musical instruments in the living room or the bedroom.
  • Broken or dysfunctional musical instruments should not be kept in the house as it carries negative vibrations. Make sure they are replaced or repaired immediately.
  • It is important that the instruments are regularly played. They should be kept clean with no clutter around them.

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