Home Sutra: What Does Vastu Say About Kitchen Windows?

Home Sutra: What Does Vastu Say About Kitchen Windows?

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Without a doubt, windows play a critical role in your kitchen. They ensure that all the cooking fumes, odours and hot air is expelled out and fresh air to come in.  But, there is another very important thing that they do. Windows give access to the sunlight to your kitchen. The UV rays of the sunlight are capable of killing the germs that multiply in the kitchen. Now, our kitchens are the place where the fuel that nourished our bodies is cooked and we do not want this place to become a source from where illness spreads. To ensure that, sufficient amount of sunlight must enter this territory.

However, one should ensure that one's kitchen windows don't become a source of entertainment for other households. It is important to cover windows in a way that do not allow your neighbours to peep in. According to Vastu, uncovered windows can also create health issues for the person working in the kitchen. 

For more on this, watch this video in which our Vastu expert P Khurrana talks about the same.

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