Home Sutra: What Does Vastu Say About Lighting?

Home Sutra: What Does Vastu Say About Lighting?

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Lighting is an essential element in house design, not only because it brightens up an area but also because it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the house. 

It is wise to adhere to these following Vastu tips when considering lighting arrangement for your abode:

*The north, the northeast and the east are known to be the best directions for placing lighting fixtures.

*Vastu stresses on the need to illuminate all corners of the rooms as inadequate lighting, especially in the living areas, can affect the thought process or even cause conflicts in relationships.

*Areas such as the basement, the place below stairs, the path leading to the main door or the hallway as well as south-west corner of the house must not be kept in darkness. You can always make use of smart energy-saving fixtures to save energy.

*Lighting arrangement in the bedroom must be soothing and pleasant.

*Ensure the non-functional lighting fixtures or fused bulbs are repaired immediately.

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