Home Sutra: What Does Vastu Say About Bedrooms? [Video]

Home Sutra: What Does Vastu Say About Bedrooms? [Video]

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We all spend nearly one third of our lives sleeping. But, the bedroom in our house is an essential space not only for sleeping but also for unwinding and relaxing. This is why, from a Vastu perspective, the right orientation of the bedroom is important since an improper arrangement could attract negativities such as sadness, loss of opportunities and even relationship troubles. When we speak specifically of a couple's bedroom, the right ambience is required to keep the relationship going strong. The various aspects of a relationship are most optimally supported in a specific direction. The southwest area, for instance, is associated with the earth element and is the ideal location to have a master bedroom. This could boost the stability in a marriage. Also, young couples looking for harmony in their relationship should go for single-bed mattress rather than double mattresses. Similarly, Vastu Shastra speaks about the right placement of bed, ideal positions for sleep, choice of colours, objects to avoid in a bedroom and much more.

Watch this video where our expert P Khurrana talk more on the subject.

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