Home Sutra: Want Prosperity? Keep Your Fridge Mess Free [Video]

Home Sutra: Want Prosperity? Keep Your Fridge Mess Free [Video]

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Money cannot buy us happiness, but it most certainly can buy us a lot many things that can make us happy. This is the reason why most of our endeavors are made to gain financial progress. For instance, you work harder in office so that you get a raise in your salary; you work on enhancing your personal skills to increase your income. Simply put, we expect monetary gains to follow as a result of our hard work. But, what if your income is not growing as much as you would like it to? Do you think you are not working hard enough? Or, are you of the opinion that your employer is being unfair to you? Well, both your assumptions might be wrong. In reality, your refrigerator might the cause of your failure to gain prosperity, says Vastu.

According to this old Indian science, an overloaded and unclean refrigerator might be the reason for your financial woes. Watch this video in which renowned Vastu expert P Khurrana tells you more about the subject.

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