Home Sutra: Vastu Tips To Remove Defects Of Southwest Direction

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips To Remove Defects Of Southwest Direction

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In Vastu Shastra, each of the eight directions is governed by a ruler or a deity. All these directions are defined based on the position of the Sun. Every direction has a significance and the activities carried out in them should be in compliance with the rules of Vastu.

The Southwest direction, for instance, is occupied by the planet Rahu. According to Hindu mythology, Rahu was also a demon with a severed head, depicted as a serpent and an incomplete being. According to Vastu experts, care must be taken during the construction in the southwest direction to ensure completeness in life.

The following tips must be followed to remove Vastu doshas in the southwest direction:

*Construction of the main entrance, the garden, the kitchen, the basement and the underground water tanks in the southwest direction is considered a major Vastu defect. This can have a negative impact on the health, the reputation and the finances of the occupants.

*Magnetic energies emanating from the northeast meet the southwest. So, the direction is incompatible with the kitchen or components related to the fire element.

*Place a convex mirror or a Bagua mirror on the wall outside a southwest entrance.

*Design a virtual threshold on the entrance in the southwest direction in yellow colour.

*The southwest corner of the house should always be elevated. It should also be heavily loaded. So, place heavy furniture in the rooms constructed in this direction.

*The bedroom belonging to the eldest member of the family must be constructed in the southwest direction.

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