Home Sutra: The Vastu Connect Among You, Your Home And The Sun

Home Sutra: The Vastu Connect Among You, Your Home And The Sun

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In Egyptian, Greek and Indian mythologies, the divine powers of the Sun have been well-known. Many health experts recommend sunlight therapy for healing various kinds of illness or conditions, including skin disorders, high blood pressure, bone weakness, immune system deficiencies, asthma, brain aging, depression, lack of muscular development and much more.

Vastu Shastra emphasises on designing a house in a way to attract energies of all the five elements of nature — air, earth, fire, sky and water. A great deal of importance is laid on getting maximum exposure to sunlight. However, the rising number of highrises in the city has deprived many houses of the useful natural sunlight. According to Vastu experts, lack of sunlight in a house can invite health problems like depression, headache, migraine, lethargy, etc. while a house designed to get maximum sunlight signifies growth, good health and success in life.

Here are some Vastu tips to bring in your home positive energies in the form of sunlight:

Do's and Don'ts

  • Place a picture or a painting of rising sun in the east (the direction of sunrise) wall of the living room.
  • Never leave the house in complete darkness. Light an oil lamp, bulb or incense stick even when you are away.
  • Construct windows in the north and the east corners of the house, wherever possible, to get maximum sunlight. It is important to keep the north and the east directions well-lit all the times for ensuring financial stability.
  • Make sure there are no major obstructions blocking the entry of sunlight.
  • If there are doors or windows in the south or the southwest corners, cover them with horizontal shades as the sun rays from these directions are harmful. South or southwest windows must be smaller in size compared to those in the north and the east.
  • Ideally a house should not share a common wall with the neighbouring house as this could create mixed energies. Make sure some open space is left on all four sides of the building.

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