Home Sutra: Vastu Tips To Ensure Home Safety

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips To Ensure Home Safety

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Ensuring security and safety of the home is of prime importance for every individual. New-age safety measures, technologically advanced security systems have become a must to make sure the houses are protected from theft, robbery or accidents. Along with these systems, following certain Vastu principles, experts in this field suggest can be of help, too.

Here are some useful Vastu tips that could help you keep your home safe and secure:

Main entrance: This vital point of the house must be secured with a door of a height more than those of other doors. It is advisable to install two opening shutters for the main door. Moreover, a house which has roads running on the north, the south or the east side should not have its entrance from the north or the south. This could cause financial losses.

Valuables: The ideal place to create a locker room and keep valuables is the north direction, ruled by Kuber, the Hindu lord of wealth. Avoid keeping valuables in the northwest corner as it increases chances of thefts.

Servant room: Make sure you build the room for servants in the southeast, the northwest or the north direction. Avoid constructing it in the southwest corner.

Southeast corner: One of the most important and high-energy zones, the southeast direction is ruled by the fire god. Vastu experts recommend keeping this area devoid of any cuts or water features or other defects to prevent any accidents. Presence of water bodies such as ponds or swimming pool towards the south of the house increases chances of thefts, too.

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