Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Water Fountains

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Water Fountains

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Water fountains are not a modern décor feature. They were used centuries ago for decoration in palaces and royal households. Water is a versatile element that can be used to create a dramatic effect in the form of aquariums, fountains or mini waterfalls. The sound of moving water coupled with display of multi-colored lights make for an impressive yet soothing ambience in any residential or commercial space. However, water fountains demand regular maintenance. Care must be taken to clean and replace the water to prevent odour or dampness. Vastu also guides about the correct placement of objects with water features to capture the right energies.


Fountains represent the Jal Tatva or water element and the flowing water indicates flow of money, happiness and love. The east, the north-east and the north are directions which are compatible with water decorative. Water fountains or showpieces with water element should not be kept in the south, the southwest, the west or the southeast zone. They should also not be placed in the middle of the property.

Dos and don'ts

  • Fountains can be installed near the main entrance to keep away negative energies.
  • Water fountains or their paintings must not be kept in the bedroom. This can lead to anxiety and disturb harmony in relationships.
  • Ensure that the flow of water is continuous. This is because stagnant water can cause stagnation and hinder progress in life as well as loss of money.

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