Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Using Red Colour

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Using Red Colour

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Red is considered to be an auspicious colour in the Indian architectural science of Vastu. Full of positive energy, the red colour is a symbol of power, love and spirituality and also fuels ambitions. Vastu experts recommend that adding the colour to your home can help in attracting wealth and success.

Here are some tips to add this colour to your home: 

*Colour the south-facing entrance, doors or walls in shades of red for prosperity and to remove Vastu defects, if any. This is because the south direction is ruled by Mars.

*It is advised to keep money, jewellery and other auspicious items such as gold coins in a red-coloured cloth, purse or cash box. This will not only eliminate financial problems affecting the household but also catch positive vibrations and more wealth.

*Light shades of red colour should be used in upholstery or paintings inside a newly wedded couple’ bedroom. This is believed to strengthen the marital bond. 

*It is regarded auspicious to gift items with red-coloured packaging.

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