Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Study Room

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Study Room

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Study rooms are an imperative part of a home with children. For better concentration and a conducive environment for them to focus, a study room needs to be designed in a certain manner. The decor of this room needs to be done to ensure it doesn’t look cluttered and is Vastu-compliant, too. According to Vastu, the correct placement of furniture and lighting in a study room can make a lot difference. To ensure that the room proves to be beneficial for the user, it should be built in the east, the north or the northeast direction of the house. Similarly, there are rules for studying positions and following them can work wonders for a great academic performance.

Here are some useful Vastu tips that all students must take note of:

*Face the north, the east or the northeast direction while studying.

*Avoid facing the south, the west or the southwest direction.

*Do not sit below an overhead beam or slab while reading. This can obstruct the energy flow.

*Facing a window, a mirror or a blank wall can lead to distraction.

*Open shelves can also impact concentration levels. Install closed bookshelves or cabinets.

*Ensure your back has a solid support. Use a sturdy chair but do not lean against any door.

*Make sure that a student doesn't face a blank wall.

*For positioning of table lamps, the south-east portion is the perfect place.

*Your study table should not have circular, oval or other irregular shapes. As per Vastu, square or rectangular study tables are perfect.

*Don't opt for study tables that have glass in them.

*Do ensure that the colour of the study room improves concentration. The colour yellow is the best choice as it represents knowledge.

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